The Mug & Brush was founded to fill a gap in the men's grooming industry for those who always struggled to find the perfect balance between professionalism and a friendly environment, with reasonable prices being a bonus.


Our team consists of some of the most experienced and talented barbers in London - for our clients expect nothing less. After all the great  feedback from our clients we were nominated as the best barber shop in the Fulham area in 2017.


The Mug & Brush continues to provide the best grooming service in London , giving up most attention to the clients, making sure the client’s needs are always met.




Spending time in my grandfathers small barber shop on a quiet parade off tehran was an everyday occurrence for me since I was a young boy. At an early age I began being interested in cutting hair of different nationalities and the all important razor shave. My grandfather showed me my first steps in the barbering world which I can only describe as old school but very educational in terms of learning the tricks of the trade and the areas you don't learn at college.


After finishing barbering college at Alan D,  almost twenty four years experience Here I learnt various types of cutting situations suiting all hair types and also pioneering my shaving skills. Here I learnt the most difficult haircut in the barbering world, creating the perfect skin fade. Although not widely practiced in a lot of barber shops, it's one to have under your belt.


Peoples self-confidence and self worth are sometimes rooted in the way that their hair looks. I experienced that every time I get fresh cut, and I try to give everyone that same cool, confident feeling when I cut and style their hair

As a hairstylist for more than years in London, Sabka spent last few years focusing on mens grooming from long scissors haircuts to blade fade cuts, as well as colouring and styling the hair

If you want to change your hairstyle or colour, looking for a more trendy
and professional look or aren’t sure what hairstyle is suitable for you in your everyday life, then why don’t you pop in and have a consultation with her.


with over 17 years in the barbering industry, it is is now 13 years since i started working in london, worked at most prestigious salons dealing with all different types of hair and beards. also managing Rayan's chain of barbers in Battersea and clapham junction area for 8 years and working as a senior stylist.    


There is no hair blade I can’t sharpen and bend to the way you want, I'm nothing but a perfectionist and I ask you not to settle for less.


I know what most people are afraid of when they go to barbers, and with over 17 years of experience I've learned to listen which is a key aspect to get the style you want right. Surely the least you deserve is what you ask for and with me you will always get that.



Meet and greet Johne He is our pride of beard design and grooming mastery! He has been refining the skill for over 15 years and worked in various male grooming salons in London and France.   

Whether you have a specific request or you don't know what you should expect when you first time visit a barber for a beard trim, you won't find a better qualified specialist in this field.


If you want to know what are the different style options available for your beard, what you can do to keep your beard freshly cleaned and what direction is best to comb your beard 


Naji has been apart of the barbering world for over 17 years. 14 of these years have been based in the well to do parts of London and focus on luxury and the highest quality of service.


In these 14 years in London Naji has built up a loyal clientele. He loves making the client feel relaxed. His shaves are a blade above the rest and he specialises in moustache designs and face and head massages.


We urge you to try these services out. He looks forward to meeting you very soon. 

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